The Center for Advanced Transportation Mobility (CATM) research activities will focus on improving how people and goods are transported throughout our nation, with special emphasis on disadvantaged populations. The primary research topics include last mile connectivity, mobility assistance, and emergency management optimization.


Submissions from 2019

Real‐Time Recommendations for Traffic Control in an Intelligent Transportation System during an Emergency Evacuation, Dr. Xiuli Qu


Assessing Pedestrians' Perceptions and Willingness to Interact with Autonomous Vehicles, Scott R. Winter, Stephen Rice, Nadine K. Ragbir, Bradley S. Baugh, Mattie N. Milner, Bee-Ling Lim, John Capps, and Emily C. Anania

Submissions from 2018


Asymmetric Information Sharing in Dialysis Paratransit Using an Agency Approach, Mary Lind and Rhonda Hensley