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Disability, Mobility, Transportation, Equity, Travel


This report presents the findings and conclusions of a multi-methodology investigation into the transportation-related needs and barriers facing people with disabilities (PWD). Data collection consisted of a nationwide survey, with participant recruitment assisted by a variety of disability advocacy groups, and follow-on interviews conducted with a subset of survey respondents. The goals of the project included identification and prioritization of specific barriers and transportation needs facing individuals with a variety of types of disabilities, including those who have more than one type of disability. We identified several high-priority needs for each disability type, including structural barriers to movement for people with physical disabilities, sensory barriers that can preclude people with perceptual disabilities from accessing needed information, and informational barriers to travel for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Overall, we determined that the needs of the PWD community are extraordinarily varied and heterogeneous, and that members of this community should be meaningfully involved in the development of future transportation modalities and technology.