Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Miller, Dr. Daniel M.


Building on transformational leadership theory, 43 individuals from various new product development (NPD) teams were studied to understand the relationship between the project managers’ use of lateral influence tactics and team commitment as perceived by new product development team members. An explanatory correlational study was conducted to examine these relationships. Data were collected via questionnaire about each NPD team member’s view of the project manager’s use of lateral influence tactics and the NPD team member’s perception of team commitment. Perceptions of procedural justice were also tested for mediation. The study found that there is a moderate positive relationship between each independent variable and the dependent variable. However, one of the hypotheses for mediation was not supported. Overall, the results reflect a positive association between the NPD team member’s perception of the project manager’s use of influence tactics and his/her psychological attachment to the new product development workgroup. This study contributes to the literature by examining the strength of lateral influence tactics when applied to teams to gain interpersonal outcomes in new product development environments. Also, this study expands the body of research because it measures the thoughts and attitudes of the NPD team members as a result of the project manager’s initiation of these influence tactics.