Synthesis And Photoluminescence (Pl) Of Gold (I) And Silver (I) Metal Complexes With 1-Methylbenzimidazole Diphenylphosphine (Mbdp): Potential Sensing Applications For Volatile Organic Compounds

Darkus Elizabeth Jenkins, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University


Volatile organic compound(s), VOC(s), detection have become a highly demanding area of research due to potential harmful effects to the ecosystem. The search for methods of VOC sensor devices has led to the examination of photoluminescence and photoluminescent materials such as metal complexes. Their luminescent properties markedly with phosphine and/or nitrogen based ligands, bridging ligands, have the ability to accommodate metal atoms with short metal – metal distances. It is of great interest to accomplish short metal interactions as the photoluminescent properties can be altered. We show the synthesis and structural characterization of the bridging ligand, 1-methylbenzimidazole diphenylphosphine.