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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Leflore, Dorothy


This exploration focused on the relationship of transformational leadership in teacher educators and their multicultural education practices as an avenue to prepare and produce more teachers for the increasingly diverse student population in P-12 Schools. This research was a two-phase sequential mixed method design including quantitative and qualitative data of 21 teacher educators at one Historically Black College and University (Kameron Carolina State University). The data were collected through questionnaires, content analysis, interviews and observations. The two questionnaires utilized were the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire developed by Bass and Avolio (1995) and the Multicultural Education Questionnaire developed by Johnson and Inoue (2001). Descriptive analyses and the Spearman‟s Rank Correlation Coefficient statistic test was used to analyzed the data. The findings suggest from the quantitative results that there is a moderate positive correlation (Rho=.48) in regards to the relationship between HBCU teacher educator‟s transformational leadership characteristics and multicultural education practices. The qualitative findings suggest underlying factors such as the gender, ethnicity and professional ranking along with the collaboration of faculty members influence the development of HBCUs teacher educators‟ practices in multicultural education.