Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

First Advisor

Ferguson, Frederick


Methodologies required for the creation of an aircraft design tool capable of generating practical hypersonic vehicle configurations based on the waverider design concept were developed and validated. The design space for these configurations was formulated by using an algorithm that coupled the directional derivatives to the conservation laws to produce flow fields in the form of organized sets of post-shock stream-surfaces. This design space is used to construct ideal waverider configurations with a sharp leading edge. A carving methodology was also developed to transform the idealized waverider geometry into practical aircraft configurations with blunted leading edges for hypersonic mission applications. Further, methodologies, based on both empirical and analytical relations, were developed and implemented to evaluate the resulting aerothermo-dynamic performance of the resulting hypersonic aircraft configuration. In this dissertation, methodologies to determine the local pressure, skin-friction and heat flux were also developed, implemented and validated.