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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Toms, Forrest


As the landscape of public education continues to evolve, so does the leadership and vision required to meet the needs of this ever-changing academic platform. No longer is academic research focusing solely on school leadership required to lead 21st century students and educators toward success, but rather it is focused on the plethora of factors that inform the development of thriving learning communities across our nation. While much of the educational discourse on leadership and vision speaks to the development of strategies, pedagogies, and leadership preparation for school leaders, there are deficiencies in the literature on teacher leadership and shared vision based on the perceptions of teachers. There is a gap in the educational research and scholarship where quantitative analyses on teacher perceptions of teacher leadership and shared vision across specific states are concerned. The purpose of this explanatory correlational study was to determine any relationship between background demographic variables (e.g. total years of employment, total years employed at current school, school position, and organization type) and teacher perceptions of the teacher leadership with shared vision as a control variable through a secondary data analysis of the North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions Survey (NCTWCS).