Pathways to Institutional Transformation at HBCUS: Recommendations from HBCU Black Women STEM Faculty

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Black women STEM faculty at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) experience many barriers to promotion, tenure, and the attainment of leadership positions. Institutional transformation is essential in addressing these inequities. However, there is a lack of literature that addresses the pathways for institutional transformation at HBCUs. The purpose of this paper is to share Black women STEM faculty from HBCUs recommendations for institutional transformation. Interviews were conducted with fifteen Black women STEM faculty at HBCUs. Findings revealed several themes including the need for: (1) institutional accountability and oversight, (2) investment in the representation of Black women in faculty and administration ranks, (3) leadership training and opportunities, (4) increased support for research scholarship, (5) opportunities for internal and external mentorship on scholarship and tenure, and (6) expanding student support services. Based on participants’ reflections recommendations are offered to facilitate institutional transformation that supports the advancement of Black women STEM faculty at HBCUs.

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