Providing Culturally Responsive Teaching In Field-Based and Student Teaching Experiences: A Case Study

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This mixed design study chronicles the yearlong outcomes of 27 undergraduate preservice teacher candidates' ability to design and deliver culturally responsive lesson plans during field-based experience lesson observations and student teaching settings after receiving instruction in a special education methods course. While components of culturally responsive instruction were embedded in the lesson plans written as a part of course requirements, few participants incorporated them during lesson observations in their field-based placement and student teaching experiences. More specifically, Banks' contributions approach was used repeatedly rather than the higher levels of multicultural education, which focus on transformation and social action. Half of the participants in the field-based internship infused diversity at the contributions level during the field-based lesson observation, but only six student teachers infused diversity during student teaching lesson observations. Recommendations for research and practice for teacher education programs are provided.

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Interdisciplinary Journal of Teaching and Learning