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Are you hurt by the politics and mindsets at your church?

These are TROPES.

A trope [trōp] is “a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression.” It is a recurrent theme that conditions the public to believe it. You hear tropes so often in movies, TV, and music that you may not even notice them.

In this book, Dr. Awendela Grantham identifies how ungodly tropes influenced church politics and impacted her identity as a Black Christian woman. She frames her personal story in the context of race relations in America and warns readers about how these deceptive tropes can cause havoc in their lives.

Dr. Grantham holds a Ph.D. in French and African American Studies from Yale University. She teaches African American History at North Carolina A & T State University. Her research focuses on how social identities are developed in the context of religious and political movements and on how we can use this information for social activism. She also wrote The Africana Experience: We’ve Come This Far. - Abstract from

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