Administration of Mushroom Extract to Broiler

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Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the administration of mushroom extract on bifidobacteria and Salmonella populations in broiler chicken feces. In the first experiment, a total of 100 female broiler chicks were assigned to 1 of the following treatment conditions, with 20 chicks per treatment: 1) control (no additive), 2) mushroom extract, 3) vinegar via water, 4) mushroom substrate extract, or 5) milk + water. In experiment 2, a total of 120 female broiler chicks were assigned to 1 of 4 treatment groups, with 30 chicks per treatment: 1) control (no additive), 2) experimental human bifido-strain, 3) mushroom extract, or 4) PrimaLac (probiotic). Fecal samples were collected from 5 pastured birds per treatment on d 49. Results of experiment 1 showed that broilers receiving the mushroom extract had a significant increase in the population of bifidobacteria in the fecal samples and no significant reduction in Salmonella fecal populations. Results of the second experiment showed that significantly higher bifidobacteria and lower Salmonella populations were observed after mushroom extract was withdrawn at d 21 from pastured broilers evaluated at d 49. Overall, continual administration of mushroom extract to broiler chickens enhanced fecal shedding of bifidobacteria and early intermittent administration of the extract decreased Salmonella populations.

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