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Homaifar, Abdollah


This thesis is focus on developing pattern recognition techniques to trace the origins and propagation of the Pre-Tropical Storm Debby (2006) African easterly waves (AEWs) and mesoscale convective systems (MCSs) using satellite imagery. The results are used to verify a numerical weather prediction (NWP) model. The pre-Debby MCSs’ movement and formation needs to be precisely and objectively tracked. These MCSs could be generated over mountains in North Africa, such as Ethiopian Highlands (EH), Darfur Mountains (DF), and Asir Mountains (AS), going through complicated splitting and merging processes. Thus, an objectively analyzed MCS movement is essential not only to help provide data to verify numerical modeling results, but also to help understand the formation and propagation of the African easterly waves and MCSs. The technique used could be applied to other AEWs and MCSs leading to tropical cyclogenesis. This, in turn, will improve the NWP over the data sparse areas, such as over eastern and central North Africa.