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Xie, Zhijian


In this research an attempt has been made to fully characterize a diodes array in shunt configuration as ESD protection circuit in order to maximize ESD performance of the products in IBM SOI 0.18um technology. For full characterization of ESD protection of RF circuit, HBM and TLP tests and simulation have been conducted and discussed in detail. Test results for HBM and TLP are summarized and grouped according to their stack number. Simulations on HBM and TLP were carried out using Cadence Spectre environment and compared to the tests for HBM and TLP obtained using Celestron I. To consider the RF part, small signal analysis and large signal analysis are done in Advanced Design System. Small signal extracts the black box capacitance using S-parameter in ADS and compares with test results obtained using Murray Microwave system. Also large signal analysis is carried out to see the nonlinearity of the ESD protection device. In large signal analysis input power is swept and output power is observed on different harmonics caused by the inherent nonlinearity of the device. Again large signal simulation results were compared with test results obtained from Murray Microwave System. Lastly, this research has been conducted to fully characterize the diodes array as ESD protection in shunt configuration and to produce a predictive ESD model.