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Shivakumar, Kunigal


In aerospace vehicles such as rotorcraft, structural components are subjected to bending and stretching loads that introduce peel and shear stress between the composite plies. Delamination is a primary failure mode for composite laminate. Delamination is caused by interlaminar stresses that act in the matrix, which is the weaker part of the composite laminate. Damage tolerant design of structures requires two types of material/laminate data: 1. Mixed mode delamination criteria to predict failure and 2. Delamination growth criteria to predict the life of a structural component. This research focuses on developing mixed-mode (a combination of mode I and II) fracture criteria for IM7-G/8552 composites, which are widely used in the rotorcraft industry. IM7-G/8552 prepreg was procured from the HEXCEL Corporation and 24 ply unidirectional laminate with a 3 in width Fluorinated ethylene propylene film was fabricated.