Date of Award

Spring 2015

Document Type


First Advisor

Kateeb, Ibraheem


Business Intelligence (BI) is a technique and IT tool that supports business decision making. BI is considered a unique source of competitive advantage in the market place and it can combine data, multimedia, and transactions all in one application to address people's needs. Using BI applications can increase both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. In addition, BI improves planning that provides the foundation for top successful performances in the future. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) deliver productivity tools that are highly beneficial for businesses. These benefits include: visualization, business capacity, analysis, and interpreting data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. Another benefit is a new feature can report drivers who speed, accelerate hard, and make sudden stops. Nowadays, GIS is responsible for developing standard, strategy, and policy that emphasize coordination and cooperation among organizations and businesses in order to maximize cost effectiveness. Smart card technology is the name that describes plastic cards with an embedded computer chip. Basically, smart cards are usually the most cost-effective solution because it increases the level of processing power, memory, and flexibility. Therefore, implementing a smart card in a driver's license can help to build control in a community. However, the general objective of the study is to investigate the feasibility of integrating Cloud Computing, BI, and GIS to build smart community. The research focuses on enhancing GIS tools and build control in community. The proposed system is a new approach in Information Technology that can lower business cost and build policy in organization. The research is nonexperimental study used qualitative method to answer certain research questions posed for the study. The result obtained from analysis exists GIS showed that enhance GIS can build control in the community. Furthermore, there is a feasibility integrating BI, Cloud and GIS to build smart community. On the bases of these finding, IT synergy will influence the business workflow process and performance of organization. Organizations can achieve many benefits from the integrating Cloud Computing approach, BI and GIS in decision making.