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Yuan, Dr. Xiaohong


Attack patterns describe the common methods of exploiting software. Good software engineering practices and principles alone are not enough to produce secure software. It is also important to know how software it attacked and to guard against it. Knowledge of attack patterns provides a good perspective of an attacker, thus enabling developers and testers to build secure software. CAPEC list is a taxonomy of attack patterns which we believe can enhance security testing. This research seeks to assess the security posture of OpenEMR 4.1.1, an open source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, based on CAPEC attack patterns. Five categories of CAPEC attack patterns were analyzed to find their relevance and applicability to OpenEMR. Whereas inapplicable attack patterns were not further considered, applicable attack patterns were further tested to assess OpenEMR vulnerability to them. Various security testing tools were used to carry out the tests. Attack patterns helped to focus black-box and white-box testing procedures on what and where to test. OpenEMR was found to be vulnerable to a number of vulnerabilities such as cross site scripting, authentication bypass, session sidejacking, among others. A number of exploitations were carried out based on the vulnerabilities discovered.