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Faulkner, Dr. Paula E.


The study was conducted to assess the awareness regarding the adoption of agroforestry technologies of limited-resource farmers in North Carolina. Agroforestry technologies are part of the solutions to challenges that limited-resource farmers are faced with. The adoption of these technologies is critical if an impact on the livelihood of limited resource farmers will occur. A survey was used to collect data from the farmers. The study found that farmers lacked ample information on the benefits of agroforestry technologies. In regard to the barriers for adopting the technologies, most farmers reported there were no markets for products, expenses for additional resources, lack of technical assistance, lack of demonstration sites, insufficient land, and lack of seedlings. The respondents reported a need for obtaining information on agroforestry technologies. Based on the findings, it was concluded that while farmers exhibited limited knowledge about agroforestry technologies, more education should be provided to fully explain the benefits of agroforestry technologies. It is recommended that limited resource farmers be provided with equipment and other agricultural inputs to remove the barriers for agroforestry adoption. More importantly, agricultural policies should be enacted to address their needs and ensure agroforestry is a part of the agriculture agenda for improving their financial well-being.