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Master of Science (MS)


Family and Consumer Sciences

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Dr. Reza Tahergorabi


Obesity is the deposit of excessive adipose tissue on the body due to the overconsumption of nutritionally inadequate foods. The fat in the deep-fat fried chicken is derived from the oil absorption during frying. High consumption of deep-fat fried foods may lead to cardiovascular diseases and obesity. The main objectives of this experiment were to reduce the fat uptake in deep-fat fried chicken breast by developing an edible coating made of chicken breast protein isolates (CPI) as well as replace the corn starch in batter with sweet potato starch to further examine the quality attributes of the battering systems. In this study, edible coatings of various concentrations (5%, 10%, and 15%) were prepared from CPI using isoelectric solubilization/precipitation (ISP). Chicken breast samples coated, battered, breaded and deep-fried. Then, fat uptake was measured using the Soxhlet method. Moisture content, color, texture, pH, ash, and the frying yield were also measured. A sensory evaluation was completed as well to examine the quality attributes of the edible-coated samples in comparison to the control and commercial battered samples. The sweet potato starch batter system coated with 15% protein, resulted in the highest reduction in fat uptake and lowest moisture loss, i.e., 8% and 37%, respectively. Coated samples had lower L* and b* values in comparison to the control and commercial batter. Coating treatments had no significant effect (p > 0.05) on pH values. The puncture force of the samples varied among treatments. Overall, the highest puncture force occurred in the sample with commercial batter and the lowest puncture force occurred in the sweet potato batter treatments. Coating treatments positively affected the frying yield, increasing the yield from 57% in the sample with no breading and no coating to 84% and 87% in the samples with 15% protein coating. The results of this study 2 suggest that chicken protein-based edible coating in combination with sweet potato starch in batter will result in lower fat-uptake and improving other quality attributes of the deep-fat fried chicken.

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Food Science Commons