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Esterline, Albert


The Tactical Information Technologies for Assured Net Operations (TITAN) Program is an Advanced Technology Objective (ATO) funded by the Army. The overall goal of this ATO is to demonstrate how emerging information technologies can significantly improve key areas of tactical operations, ultimately resulting in the transition of software developed under the ATO to existing battlefield systems. One such key area is Information Dissemination and management (ID&M). The key software that will be developed under the ID&M portion of the TITAN Program requires a collection of agent-based software services that will collaborate during tactical mission planning and execution. The agent framework that will be used is JADE with Web Services and Java Messaging Services used for communication. Prototypes for three TITAN services namely, the Alert and Warning Service (AWS), the OPORD Support Service (OPS) and the Workflow Orchestration Support (WOS) service have all been implemented in an earlier phase of the project. The work reported here extends the functionality of the AWS service by implementing an Assessor Agent that provides a graphical interface, displaying the shortest/safe path through the area of operation of a phase of the TITAN mission. The work also discusses how the TITAN program established a Common knowledge for coordinating the hierarchically structured TITAN units. Common knowledge is modeled as a whole in Parts/whole Statecharts, simulated as a Stateflow.