Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Wang, Shih-Liang Dr.


Direct metal deposition (DMD) is a manufacturing technique that manufactures solid metal parts from bottom to top using powdered metal and a focused laser. In this research, the swept volume technique was used as framework to develop a computer program to perform volumetric visualization of the deposition process as a pre-processor, before the actual metal deposition commences. The program extracts coordinate values from a G-code; these extracted values constitute a point. These points are then defined as a swept path using VPython extrusion object library. A cross section is then swept through these points to perform the volumetric visualization of the deposition process. In a DMD system computer numerical control (CNC) machine components can collide during deposition, a computer program can be used to facilitate collision detection if components within the build perimeter collide. In this research, open source oriented bounding boxes (OBB) intersection and open source octree implementation were used to develop a computer program, to detect the collision between CAD models of two components within a graphic scene. The collision detection test is performed by holding one CAD model fixed while the other model is set into translation. The CAD models will collide, if the line distance from the center between their OBBs is equal to the sum of their projected radii onto the reference axis of approach.