Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Economics

First Advisor

Jefferson-Moore, Kenrett Dr.


This study examines the factors that affect minority undergraduates' enrollment in agricultural economics/agribusiness at Land-grant institutions using a 2007 cross sectional demand model. Data for students enrolled in agribusiness, ethnicity, and sex were collected through Food and Agricultural Information Education Systems (FAIES). In-state tuition and financial aid were obtained via the Integrated Post Education Data System (IPEDS). The sample size is comprised of 53 land-grant institutions that offer undergraduate degree in agricultural economics/agribusiness. . Additionally, multiple regression models were used to identify factors that influence enrollment of minority. Results indicate that there are more males enrolled in agricultural economics/agribusiness than females. Further, Caucasians enrollment is more than any other ethnicities at land-grant institutions as we anticipated. Finally findings show that financial aid/scholarship can increase enrollment in agricultural economics/agribusiness.