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Lebby, Gary L.


Power system load models are very powerful tools, which have a wide range of applications in the electric power industry. These uses include scheduling system maintenance, monitoring load management policies, helping with the generator commitment problem by providing short-term forecasts, and aiding system planning [4]. Further, Power System Load Modeling is a technique used to model a power system and other essentials for the assessment of stability. In today’s datacenters, power consumption is a major issue. Storage usually typically comprises a large percentage of a datacenter’s power. Therefore, without mentioning that managing, understanding, and reducing storage, power consumption is an essential aspect of any efforts that address the total power consumption of datacenters. Moreover, according to [16], power system load models have a wide range of applications in the electric power industry including load management policy monitoring, such as aiding with system planning by providing long-term forecasts, short-term forecasts, and others including assisting with the generator commitment problem.