The Labor Exploitation of Prisoners

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Dr. Tobin Walton



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Publication Date

Fall 2019


Understanding the prison industrial complex concerning prison labor is crucial to stopping the exploitation of prisoners. This exploitation runs deeper than just prisoner exploitation; large corporations are using these prisoners to manufacture their products without having to pay for it. This study will look at what corporations are using prison labor, how they benefit from exploiting prisoners and what laws allow them to exploit prisons. I will be conducting descriptive research on the data related to the monetary contribution of prisons across the United States and how they contribute to corporations. This study will provide data on the history surrounding the legality of the exploitation of prisoners for their labor. This study will also detail the corporations across the United States that are using prison labor for the manufacturing of their products. From my research, I hope to find that many of the corporations that use prison labor are making hundreds of millions of dollars in profit from not having to pay prisoners for their labor. I hope to find that many big brand companies are using prison labor and that their actions are unjust. I also hope to discover the need to revise the laws surrounding the exploitation of prisoners due to the lack of payment for their labor and extreme profit made by corporations.

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