Childhood, Drugs, and Abuse

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Dr. Tobin Walton



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Publication Date

Spring 2019


The research design I chose to attempt to answer this question is the best for researching my topic because I have access to the appropriate population, and a sampling technique that will ensure and maintain all of the study participants' full anonymity and confidentiality. By having participants answer a few questions about their childhood experiences and exposure to drugs I will be able to identify patterns in the data and make connections to their adulthood drug use. Because it is a short survey that I plan to personally hand out, I can be sure that my participants are completely informed of the research question and projected goal. In making the survey myself, I have the total control to only include questions that are relevant to the study and will be useful in analyzing my data. This will allow me to collect data specific to the core concepts of my study including illicit drugs and alcohol and parent's attitudes toward drugs and alcohol. I will also use the interview data gathering technique, as well, in doing this. I will be able to ensure that all of the participants have given voluntary consent to participate. The surveys will provide me with the statistical data needed to draw a conclusion, and the interviews then will be used as an opportunity to gain a better understanding of participants' answers and better enable me to apply my findings to the bigger, general population. In doing this I am able to eliminate the possibility of collecting data that is useless or ineffective to the study.

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