The Misrepresentation of People of Color In Society: A Survey Study of Awareness of Stereotype and Negative Treatment

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Maria (Xueying) Zhang


Journalism and Mass Communication

Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 2019


In United States, racial stereotypes have had an extremely damaging influence on the development of people of color for decades. Using an online survey, this study investigated whether American people are aware of major types of negative stereotypes of people of color on media, such as being violent, being related with drug, being related with crimes, or relying on welfare benefits. The survey also examined whether people of color are perceived to be treated negatively by US society. The results suggested strong awareness of stereotypes and negative treatment. A significantly correlation between the awareness of stereotype and negative treatment of people of color were also detected (r = .59, p < .05). The results indicated several directions that our society could make the progress necessary to make the country a more perfect union.

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