Analyzing the Impact of Urbanization on Watershed Hydrology Using HEC-HMS

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Faculty Mentor

Dr. Manoj Jha


Civil Engineering

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Publication Date

Spring 2019


Hydrology is the branch of science that is concerned with the properties of water and its movement as it relates to land. Within hydrology, watersheds are often analyzed. A significant social and environmental concern is the conservation of land and water resources. This is due to the increase in population and degradation of natural resources (Verma et al, 2010). Rapid development contributes to water issues, pollution, and climate variability. Urban areas typically demonstrate an increase in peak flow of streams, which correlates to an increase in flooding. This research specifically utilizes a hydrologic model to further investigate the impact of urbanization on watersheds. The goal of this research is to understand the concepts behind hydrology and watersheds utilizing HEC-HMS. ArcGIS and HEC-GeoHMS are utilized to establish watershed parameters and a Curve Number Grid. This data is then imported into HEC-HMS in addition to weather data in order to predict discharge. The research will correlate urbanization and stream flow, by comparing the watershed of a more urban area to an agricultural area.

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