Aggie Parking Lot System & App Integration

Student Classification


Faculty Mentor

Dr. Evelyn Sowells


Information Technology

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Publication Date

Spring 2019


The problem that many college students, faculty, and staff are facing today is the amount of limited parking that is given to them in a college campus. Everyday people go to classes, teach lectures, and/or go to work to fulfill their needs and thus filling up available parking spots. Sometimes finding a parking spot can be quite a hassle, so much of a hassle that it makes you want to cram your car between the parking spots. The purpose of this project is to help college students and faculty members who have to park on campus find an open parking spot without having to drive around, up, and down multiple parking lots to find a place to park. Our solution is to create an application that students and faculty can use to easily search and find open parking spots on campus as well as designing a prototype parking lot that shows the app's real-time functionality.

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