A Different World: The Impact of Racial Trauma on Academic Success

Student Classification


Faculty Mentor

Anna Lee, Ph.D.


Department of Psychology

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Publication Date

Spring 2019




This study will examine the effect that race related trauma and stress has on the mental health of older adolescents. To further investigate this concern, this study has been conducted to identify if racial related trauma has a correlation with poor mental health. The survey used in this study contained questions pertaining to growing up as a racial minority and the emotional effects it has fostered. Each item on the survey gave a scenario and participants were to rate their stress reactions to each specific occurrence using a 5-point scale (0= not at all, 1=slightly annoyed, 2=mildly annoyed, 3=distracted/preoccupied, 4=trouble functioning). Frequency of each occurrence was also to be rated using a 6-point scale (0=not at all, 1=on occasion, 2=several times a day, 3=several times a month, 4=several times a week, 5=several times a day). The results are forthcoming, preliminary analysis reveal that trauma plays a role in the overall mental health of African/Black and Latina/Latino Americans.

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