User Centered Workflow Analysis For People With Visual Impairments At Home

Student Classification


Faculty Mentor

Dr. Hyung Nam Kim


Industrial and Systems Engineering

Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 2019


User-Centered Workflow Analysis for People with Visual Impairments at Home: Adrienne Douglas and Hyung Nam Kim, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, NC A&T State University

Our research team aims to enhance the quality of life for individuals 65 years or older with visual impairments. In order to complete this goal, the team has been conducting systematic literature reviews to advance understanding of daily living activities among those with visual impairments. Thus far, we have reviewed 17 research articles and selected 10 research articles that help us obtain the patterns of daily living activities among those with visual impairments at home, ultimately leading to a user-centered workflow analysis that allows us to examine procedural aspects of daily activities and detect early changes in activities that may indicate any health problems among those with visual impairments at home.

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