Ethical Research Involving People with Visual Impairments

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Faculty Mentor

Hyung Nam Kim, Ph.D.


Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering

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Publication Date

Spring 2019


Industrial Engineering | Systems Engineering


Today, people with visual impairments (e.g., low vision and blindness) have considerable limited access to many mainstream technology applications due to poor user interface designs. To enhance the user interfaces, a user study should be ensured to include end users (i.e., those with visual impairments) in all the design phases (i.e., a participatory design approach). However, the problem is that many researchers are not well trained to perform a responsible conduct of research that involves human subjects with disabilities, especially those with visual impairments. Therefore, this research conducted a literature review and provided a list of guidelines on how to conduct a responsible conduct of research involving those with visual impairments, leading to a user-centered design of information technology.

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