Assessing Lack of Learning Motivation in STEM Students Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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Rabiatu Bonku, Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Dr. Andrea N. Ofori-Boadu, PhD, Department of Built Environment


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Spring 4-2021


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused large disruptions to educational systems, with many institutions transitioning to e-learning. STEM students have complained about reductions in their motivation to learn and complete STEM course requirements due to COVID-19 related challenges. In order to better prepare for future pandemics, it is important to gain insights into the causes of reduced learning motivation in STEM students during COVID-19 pandemic. However, empirical evidence on the causes of the lack of student motivation during the COVID-19 is scarce. As part of a larger research study, the purpose of this research is to assess lack of learning motivation in STEM students. Surveys were administered to STEM students in six US institutions. Using MS excel, data from 183 completed surveys were analyzed. Psychological, domestic, and institutional challenges were key sources of poor motivation to learn during COVID-19 pandemic. Early identification and targeted implementation of effective interventions can minimize the negative impacts of pandemics on student motivation. This will improve institutional resiliency and enhance STEM student learning and progression during future pandemics.

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