Excitation of Non-canonical Multi-Mode Dielectric Resonator Antennas

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Professor Binbin Yang, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University


Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Spring 4-2021


Dielectric resonator antennas (DRA) has drawn significant attention from researchers and engineers worldwide since its initial investigation by Long. It has the appealing properties of high radiation efficiency due to lack of conductive loss, compact size due to the high dielectric constant and vast design freedom because of their various material options and 3-dimensional geometries. DRA designs have been reported for various applications, such as MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) systems, ultra-wideband systems, millimeter wave communication, etc. However, majority of the reported designs are based on canonical geometries, such as rectangular, cylindrical, and spherical shapes, partly because of the readily available analytical design formula. In this research, we look at an alternative DRA design approach through shape synthesis and characteristic mode theory.

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