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Professor Yahya R. Kamalipour, Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University


Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

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Spring 4-2021


My one paragraph research abstract goes here and will be a maximum of 125 words. It will include the relevant abstract content, including the purpose of the project, my research results, and how the project illustrates its points. I am excited to share this research in the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Intended to inform and educate students majoring in the Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, this presentation will briefly explore the ethical practices in business, communication, social media, and the interplay between machines and humans. In addition to providing definitions and explanations of concepts such as communication, ethics, morals, law and corporate social responsibility, actual business/industry case studies related to these concepts will be used to illustrate their significance. In recent years, educational institutions in the United States and elsewhere have increasingly attempted to break the traditional silo mentality by encouraging interdisciplinary studies. The overall goal is to broaden student’s understanding of today’s highly interconnected, technology-driven, and complex global business environment.