Homophobia in the Black Community

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Anna Lee, Department of Psychology, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University



Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 4-2021


Research has shown that Black individuals who are in the LGBTQ+ community are plagued with neglect from their Black community. Also, studies have also shown that many Black LGBTQ+ individuals are oftentimes forced to choose between identifying with either their blackness or their sexual orientation. The purpose of this study was to find out how the Black community effects and plays an active role in homophobia within the Black community. In the current study it was hypothesized that there would be high levels of homophobia and there would be a relationship between homophobia and Black identity. The two variables that were used were homophobia and the Black community. To test the hypothesis, participants (N= 49) completed demographic questions, a homophobia survey and a Black identity survey. The study included 67.3% females and 32.7% males, and the ages ranged from 18 through 53. The survey consisted of thirty-one questions and statements. The survey consisted of scale and multiple-choice questions. Results demonstrated that among these participants ratings of black identity was high and ratings of homophobia were mostly low. However, there was a large difference between how participants rated acceptability of marriage in the LGBTQ community. For future research workshops on homophobia, heterosexism and transgender issues should be held.

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