Social Media Influence on Black Women

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Anna Lee, Department of Psychology, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University



Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 4-2021


Studies and history have proven that Black women have experienced forms of hatred that are inhumane. Black women encounter racism, sexism, and discrimination not only in other communities, but within the Black community as well. The purpose of this study was to exploit the different ways African American women are affected by social media. There are many articles that illustrate the point of views’ of Black women and describe their experiences. It is hypothesized that social media does play a negative role in the black community, but there are ways that women overcome these issues. The variables that were used were black identity and social media experiences. To analyze the hypothesis, participants (N= 56) completed a survey that contained demographic questions, Black identity questions and social media questions. The study participants were 85.7% females and 14.3% males, and the ages ranged from 18 through 60. I utilized surveys from various people in the community to analyze the hypothesis. The results from the Black identity illustrated that people were comfortable in their own skin and that others were comfortable around African Americans. The social media survey portrayed how people witness Black women be degraded on social media and that it can negatively impact the Black community. Future research should consider developing interventions to help Black women cope with exposure to degrading social media content.

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