Barriers to Black Women's Gynecological Health and Healthcare

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Faculty Mentor

Jeannette Wade, Social Work and Sociology, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University


Social Work and Sociology

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Publication Date

Spring 4-2021


Black Women have a scarred history with health professionals. Like many health practices in the past, Black people have been used in unethical ways to advance research. This creates distrust in medical professionals and as a result many black people do not utilize medical professionals as needed. This results in the miseducation of health needs and specifically sexual and gynecological health. In this study we studied heterosexual black woman aged 18-25. We used a questionnaire and conducted interviews that posed questions on the access to sexual health care, their experiences and barriers of care, and sexual assault and domestic violence. With these methods we hope to shed light on what barriers black women face when it comes to gynecological health and healthcare. The anticipated results for this study would show that many black women feel more comfortable and cared for with a black OBGYN. In addition to this finding, we believe these women will feel that their race impacts the care they receive medically. This information can help healthcare professionals better understand their black women patients and give the opportunity to address the issues black women have with them. This research will also help free clinics create programs and informationals on critical information that can help inform black women on different ways they can improve their sexual health.

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