Ethics in Business and Technology

Student Classification

Julieta Romero- Hernandez, 4th-Year, Journalism and Mass Communication, Public Relations

Faculty Mentor

Professor Yahya Kamalipour, Journalism and Mass Communication


Journalism and Mass Communication

Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 2023


Intended to inform and educate students majoring in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, this presentation briefly explores the ethical practices in business and technology and the interplay between machines and humans. The digital world is constantly changing and growing, and research is being conducted to bring artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to different areas of life such as urban planning, criminal justice, education, health care, and more. Because of these developments students should become aware of how technologies such as AI are affecting their everyday life including learning and interacting amongst their peers. Three of the most prominent issues include biased AI, privacy issues, and autonomous technology. This paper explores the current issues facing technology, specifically AI, by reviewing and evaluating academic research published in recent years. Examples of how these issues are affecting the student population are explored as well. The goal is to broaden the student’s understanding of today’s highly interconnected, technology-driven, and complex global business environment.

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