SLP College Students: The Effect Accents and Dialects Have on Their Communication and Education

Student Classification

Alexis Clark, 4th-Year, Speech Language Pathology-Audiology Mina McGee, 2nd-year, Speech Language Pathology-Audiology

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Joy L. Kennedy, College of Health and Human Sciences, Department of Speech, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 2023


How do college students adjust or modify their communication skills with people who speak with an accent or dialect? Two focus groups were conducted including two subjects in session one and two subjects in session two. Two administrators held the focus group over zoom and produced a various amount of questions based on the podcast introduced in their course. College students taking an Articulation and Phonology course at NC A&T, were asked to listen to 2 podcasts on linguistic discrimination and accent modification. All students were in the College of Health and Human Sciences, Department of Speech. Students were given 5 extra credit points to attend a focus group. All subjects found that the podcast had forced them to notice communication skills and differences in those with dialects and accents and how to communicate effectively. Only one felt that they had been looked upon and judged, and noticed they had to advocate for themselves and code switch. Speech students at NC A&T have recognized the importance of their role as future SLP’s, and their responsibility to be an effective listener and communicator with those who have an accent or dialect.

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