Identifying galectin-3 variants in the genome of sheep, goats, and cows

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Faculty Mentor

Dr. Mulumebet Worku


Animal Science

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Publication Date

Fall 2019


Galectin-3 (Gal-3) gene encodes Gal-3 protein, which is a member of lectin protein family, plays an important role in immune response such as cell-cell adhesion, cell-matrix interactions, macrophage activation. Two Gal-3 variants have been reported in animals. The objective of this project is to identify the two Gal-3 gene variants in the genomic DNA of sheep, goats, and cows. Blood samples on FTA cards were collected from the animals. The DNA was extracted following the FTA manufacturer protocol. The concentration and purity of the extracted DNA were measured with Nanodrop spectrophotometer (the average concentration and 260/280 ratio are 2.7ug/ul and 2.07 respectively). The PCR reactions for the extracted DNA samples were conducted using primers specific for the two gene variants. The PCR results show that Gale-3 variants are present in the three species (Cow Ct=32.67, sheep Ct=28.08, and goats=27.3).

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