Early Intervention Services for children who are deaf and hard of hearing

Student Classification


Faculty Mentor

Dr. Deana McQuitty


Speech Language Pathology

Document Type


Publication Date

Fall 2019


This study is a systematic review of investigations that seek and that examine Speech and Language early intervention of 112 children ranging in ages 1-5 years of age. It is also a review of existing data related to impacts and services for deaf and hard of hearing children. A total of 240 citations were identified in the hypothesis of the impacts of early communication skills for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. The 240 citations consist of theories about children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Participants were observed while being enrolled by 11 months of age were noted to demonstrate significantly better vocabulary and verbal reasoning skills at 5 years of age. Based on a perusal of literature, overall findings show only two out of the factors being tested explained the significance of the variance in language scores obtained at 5 years of age. Findings also revealed that that there are interactions between factors of family involvement and age of enrollment that influenced outcomes. Early enrollment has been beneficial to children across all levels of family involvement. Research shows that the most successful children in the study were the children with high levels of family involvement. Implications and future research will be discussed. Study limitations will also be presented.

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