Nutrition and Millennial’s Poor Eating Habits

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Dr. Grace Byfield


Information Technology

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Publication Date

Fall 2019


Nutrition and Millennial’s poor eating habits are becoming more and more prevalent in college students as seen with the high consumptions of unhealthy foods resulting in an increase in chronic diseases. College students typically develop unhealthy food habits due to key factors that come into play, such as, a chance to get out, cost, taste, and convenience. Studies have shown that most weight gain occurs in college due to the lack of physical activity. This study proposed “The Healthy Eating Initiative” website as an intervention for students who may have unhealthy diets that put them at risk later in life. It is designed to prove to students that they can eat healthily on a reasonable budget whether they reside on or off campus. Weekly food logs from current students were used to compare daily consumption and eating habits of typical students (control) and of a student who is eating healthily on a budget. The data show that control students typically consumed more calories and made less healthy choices. We used this data to support our argument that while college students can afford to eat healthy they often do not. We expect that the website will provide food selection ideas and nutrition options for students to utilize in making informed decisions about their eating.

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