Exploring the Non-Formal Adult Educator in 21st Century Contexts Using Qualitative Video Data Analysis Techniques

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This study examined how YouTube creates a unique, nonformal cyberspace for Black females to vlog about natural hair. Specifically, we utilized qualitative video data analysis techniques to understand how using YouTube as a facilitation tool has the ability to collectively capture and maintain an audience of more than a million adult learners. After analyzing 30 videos, 4 themes emerged reflective of how using the technology of video assists these nonformal adult educators with regard to: (a) Demystifying Black Natural Hair Myths, (b) Digital Storytelling as an Educational Tool, (c) The Use of Humor, Honesty, and Humility While Facilitating Adults, and (d) The Natural Hair Thing Extends Beyond Cultural Differences. Lastly, we offer implications for future research with regard to the availability and credibility of YouTube as a data source and alternative qualitative video data analysis techniques.

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