In the Fall semester of 2015, students enrolled in HIST 425: Topics in African American History explored the topic of school desegregation and oral history. Students had to conduct an oral history of at least 45 minutes with a local Greensboro resident who experienced, underwent, or engaged with school desegregation of Greensboro's public schools as a student, parent, teacher, school administrator or school official. This is a collection of completed interviews.


Submissions from 2015

Interview with Kathryn Barber, Kathryn Barber

Interview with Sarah J. Beale, Sarah J. Beale and Jonathan Jackson

Interview with Lewis Brandon, Part 1, Lewis Brandon and Natiece Ford

Interview With Lemuel Cox, Lemuel Cox and Maysieo Tanks

Interview with Linda Evans, Linda Evans and Dejah Denbrook

Interview with Luther Falls, Jr., Luther Falls Jr. and Shekinah Rawlings

Interview with Grayle Fripp, Grayle Fripp and Catrice Joseph

Interview with Jane Higgins-Darvin, Jane Higgens-Darvin and Khadijah Williams

Interview with Yvonne Johnson, Yvonne Johnson and Natiece Ford

Interview with Christopher McMillan, Christopher McMillan and Kristofer Graham