The Application of Virtual Reality Simulations and the Benefits Provided

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Kelvin S. Bryant, Ph.D. Computer Science Department, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University


Computer Science

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Spring 4-2021


The goal of this research context is to use virtual reality in a simulated environment to give new drivers experience behind the wheel. In the United States, over a quarter of all deaths of teens and young adults is because of motor traffic accidents. Our hypothesis is experience in an isolated environment will lead to a decrease in the fatal car crashes in the demographic of teens and young adults. We aim to mitigate the risks of gaining that experience outside of the simulation. Through our research we have created scenarios that give learning drivers experience with: Night-time driving, Highway driving, Parking and Merging. The challenges we address through our research is created an immersive simulation that allows the user to develop skills and awareness that can be transferred outside of the simulation.

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