Human-Robot Wireless Interaction using Gesture Recognition

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Spring 4-2021


Human gestures, including various movements and actions done by the human arm, are vital communication methods for the human-robot interactions. As the global economy considers moving forward to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, as well as Surgery 4.0, which is expected to be a natural culmination of the industrial revolution, machine automation with high service and high-speed communication becomes highly needed. The ability for humans to interact with these machines through wireless communication becomes essential for situational tasks such as picking up objects, mimicking certain human gestures, and performing multiple automation tasks in real-time including an automated welding station in a factory or in the middle of a robotic surgery performed to a patient in Germany by a surgeon in the United States. A robotic arm mimics human gestures and performs tasks in the Industry 4.0 or Surgery 4.0. In this human-robot interaction research, XBOX 360 sensor has been implemented to mimic certain human gestures and transmit them wirelessly to a six Degrees of Freedom (DoF) Denso robot arm to control it to mimic these gestures.

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