Submissions from 2023

A Citizen Science-Based Approach to Address Flood Vulnerability, Raven Funderburk, Kendall Tyson, and Victoria Tanoh

Adaptive routing algorithms for transportation networks using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes, Anusha Neupane

Age Related Differences in Acute Stress Reactivity in Adolescent and Adult Male and Female C57BL/6J Mice, India Thomas

An Application to Recommend Attack Patterns Using LDA and LSA, Uriah Moore

Aromatase Inhibition Modulates Anxiety-like behavior but not Alcohol Drinking Selectively in Adult Female Mice, Kailyn Sellers and Antoniette Maldonado-Devincci Ph.D

Assessing the effects of adaptive mutations in cusS on motility in Escherichia coli, Naya M. Lewis and Zaria A. Ferguson

Assessing the Reliability of Fingerprint Development, Daniel Moore, Mya Cross, Moriah Nichols, and Jelina Relford

Basketball Statistical Analyzer: Live Online, Ismail Conze and Kalyn Matthews

Benefits of Conservation Practices for Zoological Breeding Programs, Tahmyah Beaty

Case Study: An AGGIE-HOMES Residential Market Analysis for Rio Chapman Oaks Residential Subdivision Development in La Plata, MD, Malloy Shamwell, Andrea Ofori-Boadu Ph.D, and Christian Bock-Hyeng

Case Study: Proposed AGGIE-HOMES National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Site Development Plan for Rio Chapman Oaks Residential Subdivision in La Plata, MD, Demetrius Moore, Andrea Ofori-Boadu Ph.D, and Christian Bock-Hyeng Ph.D

Comparative Study of Tropical Cyclogenesis over Eastern and Western Caribbean, Joshua McCalla

Comparison of Resource Use Efficiency among Fifteen Floral Hemp Varieties in Piedmont North Carolina, Kenene Lee

De/Reconstructing Black Preservice Elementary Teachers Entering Mathematics Identities and Visions of Mathematics Teaching, Jayden Seay and Lauren Raven

Development of 3D Printed Thin Film for Oral Delivery of Pharmaceutical Active, Destinee Clay, Farzana Rony, and Brian Rogers

Dietary Fat Type Influence Oxidative Stress and the Expression of Solute Carrier Family 6 Gene in the Chicken Intestine, Lyric Armstrong

Effectiveness of Agricultural Enrichment Programs Promoting Positive Youth Development and Enrollment in Agriculture-Related Majors, Ja’Quan Battle

Effect of Dietary Fat Types on Dopamine Concentration in the Ileum of Broiler Chickens, Shaniece Thorpe

Effect of Haemonchus contortus Infection on the Cellular Innate Immune Response of Florida Cracker Sheep During the Peripartum Period, Makenzie Harrison

Effects of Temperature on Ruthenium Oxide Thin Films using Pulsed Laser Deposition, Brooke Smith, Tyffani Royal, Jacob Som, and Dhanajay Kumar

Environmental Justice of Toxic Pollution among US Neighborhood, Zoe Trice

Estimating the Mass Extinction Cross Section of Carbonaceous Aerosols from African Biomass Burning, Nicklaus G. Duncan, Megan Mouton, Vaios Moschos, and Solomon Bililign

Ethics in Business and Technology, Julieta Romero- Hernandez

Ethics in Business and Technology, Julieta Romero- Hernandez

Evaluating the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Oral Thin Films Using a Texture Analyzer, Asmaa Alawbali, Farzana Rony, and Brian Rogers

Evaluation of Neoplasia in Zebras Species in the Wild and Under Human Care, Alana Durr, Amy Boddy, Samuel Omolo, Moses Yongo, Leigh Duke, and Tara M. Harrison

Evaluation of Trade-Offs in Silver-Resistant E. coli, Jordan Miller and Leilani Whyte

Facial Image Deblurring & Recognition using GFP-GAN, Izaiah Exum

Factors Affecting Global Livestock Production, Elijah Threadgill

Heteroatom-doped porous TiO 2 for H 2 generation, Kennedy West

Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells (HCAEC) cell’s response to C-Reactive Protein, Charles Coleman and Kayla E. Webster

Interpersonal communication strategies for reducing negative interactions in a healthcare environment for Black patients, Sydney Yorke and Armoni Colvin

Introduction to Quantum Fourier Transform using Qiskit, Michael Singleton, Henry Liu, and Mohd Anwar Ph.D

In Vivo Recombineering for Insertion of Chromosomal Mutations in Two-Component Response Systems, Lauren Thomas, Destinee Harris, and Brittany Sanders

Low Intake of Fiber-rich Foods by Young Children in a Michigan Cohort, Kyra Pierce and Sarah S. Comstock

Male And Female C57BL/6J Adult Mice Alcohol Drinking Patterns And The Regulatory Role Of Aromatase Inhibition, Jason Dennis

Male and Female Familial Approaches to Black Women's Sexual Socialization and Communication, Eryn Yarrell

Mitigating Sexual Health Challenges: An Examination of Black Female University Students, Serena Lowe

Molecular Docking of Nanoscale Collagen Mimetic Peptides, Nadjia Haskins, Lauren Spease, Ayanna Ucheena Woodfolk, Jordanne Davenport, and Kristen Rhinehardt PhD

Negating Professional Identity Formation in First-year Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Women, Ka’Nesha Maggette and Andrea N. Ofori-Boadu

Optical Properties of Carbonaceous Particles Emitted from Biomass Burning, Nicklaus G. Duncan, Megan Mouton, Vaios Moschos, and Solomon Bililign

PCL electrospun fiber scaffolds: Synthesis for Potential Biomedical Application, Elizabeth Martu

SLP College Students: The Effect Accents and Dialects Have on Their Communication and Education, Alexis Clark and Mina McGee

Speech Language Pathologists use of interpersonal communication skills for better outcomes for HIV patients with communication disorders, Keona Narcisse


Spring 2023 Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium List of Abstracts, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Study the Dynamics of Upstream Track Deflection while Typhoon Nepartak (2016) Passing over Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range, Richarde Graham

Synthesis of Porous Boron Nitride for Water Purification, Jayda Yancey

The Development of Automatic Concrete Sidewalk Deficiency Detection and Mapping, Trevon (Tre) Hill, Marquise Dark, Tyree Thomas, Kendal El-Bey, and Marquise Dark

The Effects of Cooling Pads and Moringa Oliefera on Oxidative Stress in Heat Stresses Sows, Sydney Roberts

The Effects of Propylparabens on the Oviductal Epithelium in Female Lining in Female Mice, Sharina Inniss

The Health and Safety of Low Income Homes in the Greensboro Area, Ka’Najah Williams and Wilhelm Robinson

The Impact of Curcumin-Loaded Oleogel on Chicken Nuggets During Frozen Storage, Zuri Kornegay, Niaz Mahmud, Joinul Islam, and Reza Tahergorabi Ph.D

The research of the Needs in East Greensboro Neighborhoods, Cierra Newton, Isaiah (Zay) Brooks, and Anderson Bean

The Synthesis and Characterization of Polycaprolactone Composites for Potential Biomedical Applications, Elizabeth Martu

Understanding the Influence of Children's Behaviors and Household Characteristics on Soil/Dust Ingestion Rates, Helena Stewart, Foluke Adelabu, and Alesia Ferguson

Wastewater Remediation: Comparing the Direct and Indirect Oxidation of Phenol, Alyssa Rorie

Wireless Violence Detection, Jordan Holeman

Wireless Violence Detection, Jordan Holeman

Women in STEM (Summarizing, Tweeted, Experiences, Messages), Connie Miller, Nadia James, Zhani Shalee, and Forney

Submissions from 2021

Administrator's Perspectives of COVID-19 on STEM Student's Engagement, Lauryn Bethea

Analysis of Insulation and Energy Efficiency in U.S. Homes, Wanya Alford and Robert Parrish

Analysis of North Carolina Vegetable Prices, Jeannine Walker

Anxiety-like behavior is altered by pregnenolone in adulthood following adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure in male C57BL/6J mice, Quamya Mya Oglesby

Assessing Lack of Learning Motivation in STEM Students Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Wanya Alford

A Time Course Study To Measure Affective Behaviors from Late Adolescence to Young Adulthood Following Binge Alcohol Exposure in C57BL/6J Mice, Anjali Kumari and Mariah Shobande

Barriers to Black Women's Gynecological Health and Healthcare, Kwani Talor

Behavioral Predictors of Zoonotic Diversity in Carnivora, Michael Umelo

Building Capacity for Establishing Citizen Science Communities in and around the Nation’s largest HBCU Intellectual Merit, Alexus Hicks

Comparison of Conventional Roof and Green Roof Design, Kamali Singleton

Contrasting Effect of Hemp Biochar on Substrate Interference During Colorimetric Assay of β-glucosaminidase Enzyme in Soils, Amira Slocum

COVID 19 Impact on University Students’ Self Efficacy and Learning Outcomes, Ishimwe Rosine

Developing the Game Component for a Visualization Tool for Teaching Buffer Overflow Concepts, Jairen Gilmore

Development Of An Automatic Image Analysis Approach To Determine Particle Distribution For Deep Learning Dataset, Toby Ray M. Serrano and Lakayla Baldwin

Dietary Patterns and Quality in Lactating Women Enrolled in A 12-Week Dietary and Exercise Study, Deja M. Carrington

Effect of Dietary Spray-dried Plasma on Antibiotic Susceptibility of Salmonella Enteritidis Isolates Obtained from Ceca of Challenged Broiler Chickens, Joseph Richardson, Paul Omaliko, Temitayo Obanla, and Yewande Fasina


Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business, Communication, and Social Media, Shalen Harper

Examining the Impact of Remote Learning on the Mental Health of HBCU Students During COVID-19, Julia Meyarzum

Examining the Impact of Remote Learning on the Mental Health of HBCU Students During COVID-19, Julia Meyarzum

Excitation of Non-canonical Multi-Mode Dielectric Resonator Antennas, Xinchen Hu

Feasibility study in the design and operation of a Concentrated Solar Plant (CSP) in the South Gobi Desert, Cathleen Hackett, Sherman Ho, and Rasheed Jones

From Virtual Learning to Pass/Fail Options: Administrators’ Perspectives of the Effect of COVID-19 on STEM Students’ Choice of Alternative Learning, Lauryn Bethea

Homophobia in the Black Community, Latia Brown

How Social Media Use Influences The Engagement with Black Lives Matter Movement: A Survey Study of A&T Students, Kamaya Walker, David Robinson, and Arial Robinson

Human-Robot Wireless Interaction using Gesture Recognition, Batool M. Khader

Innovative Data Collection of the Built Environment, Del Gull and Parker Wilson

Interactions Among Household Distractions, Stem Student Adaptation Decisions, and Stem Performance During COVID 19 Pandemic, Sydney Melvin

Interactions Between Pre-College Academic Self Concept and Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Core Program Enrollment of Undergraduate AEC Women, Aisha Benton

Land Application of Municipal Treated Wastewater to Reduce Nitrate Levels, Onnr Grogan

Methodology of Examining Unintended Consequences of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Redesign, Kamryn Nail

Molecular Biomarker Discovery in Aging and Injury Repair of Skin, Nia Hammett and Aliyah Anderson

My Experience with the People Not Property Project, Deshawn Jamal Elam

Nutrition Knowledge and Intake in Division I HBCU Athletes, Elizabeth Manning and Lauren San Diego

Perceived Stress and Cognitive Performance Among College And Middle-aged African American Adults: A Pilot Study, Destini Brown and Jada Hyman

RAPID/Collaborative Research: Capacity Adjustment, Resilience and Information Sharing in a Network for Good (CARING), Lyric McCullough

Smartphone Accessibility for Users with Visual Disabilities, Shaniah Taylor, Akilah Kafele, William Teasley, and Kamille Graham

Social Media Influence on Black Women, Keyshawna Clark

Strategies and Recommendations to Improve Online Teaching and Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Olivia Nicholas and Mehdi Lamssali

Strategies to Help Motivate Faculty and Students with Online Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Olivia Nicholas, Samuel Pierre, and Safety Mehdi Lamssali

Sustainability in Construction: Proximity Hotel Case Study, Amir Evans, Benjamin Lawrence, and Indya Strickland

The Application of Virtual Reality Simulations and the Benefits Provided, Jared Solomon