Submissions from 2019

A Descriptive Analysis of Food Insecurity in the U.S., Aliyah McCray

A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Crossover Study of Low Dose Creatine on Cognitive Function Before and After High Intensity Exercise, Tyler Schuster

Aggie Access Revised, Travon Bland, Carson Calcutt, and Tonya McClendon

Assessing the Correlation between Diabetes in relation to Diet and Convenience in Greensboro Food Desert, Kammikia Barnes

Assessment of Cardiovascular Fitness [VO2max] Among Kinesioloy Students by Treadmill Maximal Aerobic Capacity Testing, Courtney Baskerville

Assessment of Diabetes Risk Factors in HBCU College Students, Hadassah Holder

Binge Alcohol exposure during adolescence alters behavior in open field test in adulthood in male and female C57BL/6J mice, Myracle Jones

Binge alcohol exposure increases depressive-like behavior in adulthood, but not during adolescence, in female C57BL/6J mice, Victoria Robinson

Characteristics of Cement Pastes Modified with Plant-Derived Bio-Chars, DeAndria Bryant

Characterizing, Comparing, and Contrasting Patients’ and Providers’ Approaches to Endometriosis Management, Bria Massey

Chronic high fat diet exposure alters balance and motor coordination in C57BL/6J mice, Destiny Belton

Chronic intermittent ethanol exposure lowers brain corticosterone levels in male C57BL/6J mice, Bryce White

Cognitive Performance in Low-Income African American Older Adults, Dextiny McCain

Comparing SEI and SEIR mathematical models for multi-host Hendra virus dynamics, Michael Umelo

Comparing the Rate of Proliferation and Cardiac Differentiation between B6- and MRL- Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Previous, Alexis Roach

Computational Framework for Identifying Suspects in Multiple Situations, Hannah Foster

Connecting the Dots: NC A&T to Senegal, Victoria Williams

Cross-sectional Analyses on the Relationship between Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Fitness, and Body Composition in College Athletes, Tyneesha Moore

Deciphering the mechanisms of silver resistance in Escherichia coli, Alexys Riddick

Design and Computational Modeling of a Chemically-Inducible Variant of the Protein Kinase, Akt1, Correggio Peagler

Detection of Olfactomedin 4 in cow genomic DNA, Amani Ambush

Detection of the gene encoding programmed cell death-1 (PD-1) in cow genomic DNA isolated form FTA cards, Sade Ford

Development of a Time-efficient and Cost-effective Luminescence Assay to Measure the Relative Activity of Protein Kinases, Anjali Kumari

Differential Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Counts in milk from dairy cows and St Croix Sheep, Jessica Smith

Early Intervention Services for children who are deaf and hard of hearing, Qubanae’ Hudson

East-Side Project, Selah Grant

Effect of essential oils on Galectin-3 protein concentration in cow blood, Amethyst Johnson

Effect of Exogenous Recombinant Galectins on Total Plasma Protein Concentration in Cow Blood, Kayla Alston

Elucidating the role of Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A) in modulating heterotrimeric G Protein Signaling, Malek Mitchell

Emerging Professional Identity Development in Freshman Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Women, Jacob Vanderpool

Emissions of Air Pollutants from the 2019 Western United States Wildfires, Chelia Thompson

Endothelial Dysfunction and Hypertension in African Americans: Overview of the Role of the Gut Microbiome, Corvonn Peebles

Evaluating the antibody response elicited by Nano-11-based swine influenza intranasal vaccine for pigs, Maria Ford

Evaluating the long-term adaptive response of Streptococcus mutans to microgravity, Paris Parsons

Examining Dietary Patterns to Reduce Cognitive Decline, Lauryn Bethea

Examining the Effects of MrgprB4+ Neuron Optogenetic Activation on Reward Behavior and Pup Vocalizations, Synphane Gibbs

Exercise Alters Gut Microbiota Composition and Function in Lean and Obese Humans, Quinton McCarter

Exploiting Affordances in Monitoring a Smart Home, Alfred Acquaye


Fall 2019 Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry Symposium Book of Abstracts, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Food Consumption in Relationship with Family Type, Renata Gabriela Ruiz Rabadan

Food insecurity in Greensboro, Nadia Moore

Food Security: Fast Growing Crops For Economical Sustainability In North Carolina, Morgan Thacker

Healthy saturated fat substitute for ice cream, Zandra Mikell

Holistic Cognitive Reserve Index (HCRI): A Comprehensive Method of Measuring Cognitive Reserve for Healthy African-American Adults, Jasmine Flowers

Horizontal Transmission of Cryptococcus neoformans in a Murine Model, Amina Bradley,

Human Astrovirus (HAstV) Replication Systems, Sydney Townsend

Hypertension and Food Insecurity in Cottage Gardens Community, Sheliah Harris

Identifying galectin-3 variants in the genome of sheep, goats, and cows, Imani Anderson

Identifying Hotspots of Future Animal Climate Control Needs in North Carolina, Anonymous -

Impact of high fat diet on sensorimotor integration in C57/BL6 mice, Adenike Irby-Shabazz

Implementing WebIDs + Biometrics with Enrollment, Taylor Martin

Improving Machine Recognition of Collaborative Dialog Acts via Sentence Embeddings, Justice Parham

Inclusive Practices in Alzheimer’s Research: The Geographic Exclusion, Angelica Hood

Income and Food Consumption Patterns, Nicolas Arduh

Investigating the physical interaction between the influenza A virus endoribonuclease PA-X and its target RNAs, Rachel Richards

Isolation and Discrimination in High School: Impact on Perceptions of STEM Courses, Imani Bass

Mapping Food Insecurity vs. Agency Supply, Adonis Rucker

Modeling Tropical Cyclogenesis Frequency and Variation in the North Atlantic Basin, Ian Livengood

Needs Assessment Survey Analyzes Food Insecurity in Relation to Mental Health, Ryan Bills

Nutrition and Millennial’s Poor Eating Habits, Khiliel Bullock

Observations on Dairy Management Practices and the Need for Cybersecurity, Le’Hendria Phillips

Optimizing Choices Through Interactive Data Visualization, Matthew Mullens

Police Fatality Shootings: Examining the Circumstances of Race, Samantha Gast

Polymer Comparison in Controlled Release Oxidation Pellets, Breon Henley

Preparation and Characterization of Polycaprolactone based Nanofiber Mesh for Biomedical Application, Alessia Stewart

Probing the Binding Mechanism of Dimethyllysine Reader Proteins, Balqees Khader

Pushing Through Oppression: Struggle to Lead a Healthy Life as a Black Woman at an HBCU, Jasmine Gibbs

Respectability Politics in Hip Hop, Gayle Streeter

Self-cleaning properties of ZnO/TiO2 thin film on glass slide substrate, Daria Thomas

Setting the standard: juggling mental well-being, healthy eating and physical activity, Katia Jackson

Simulating the Magnetization Spin-flip of Catecholamine-type Neurotransmitters via the Ising Model, Akosua Johnson

Social Determinants and Its Effect on the Development of Diabetes, Tylar Lewis

Social Determinants of Health and Mental Wellness of College Students, Stacey Lawson

Social interaction with an alcohol-intoxicated peer alters behavior in adolescent male and female rats, Brooke Jones

Social Networking Sites and Political Influence, Marlon Petty


Spring 2019 Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry Symposium Book of Abstracts, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorescent Protein Nanoparticles to Image and Treat Cancer, Angelo Walker

Temperature Variations and Changes Over the Antarctic Peninsula, Aniya Tyson

The analysis and interpretation of agricultural wastewater treatment data, Jasmine Gibson

The Deep Dive, Ahmeer Majied

The effect of perfluorooctanioc acid on bacteria associated with the human microflora, Lauryn Chadwick

The Effects of Chronic High Fat Diet Exposure on Anxiety-Like Behavior in Male and Female C57BL/6J Mice, Brooke Jones

The Effects of Faces and the Preference for Different Object Types on the Generation of the N170 Event- Related Brain Potential, Kristoni Barnes

The Impact of Stress Response on Anthocyanin Production in Creeping Bentgrass, Asha McElroy

The Labor Exploitation of Prisoners, James Sifford

The quality of birth experiences among middle-class Romanian women focusing on obstetric violence, potential tensions, and the perception of a good birth experience, Robin Jones

The Study of Hydroponics: Examination of the Hidden Half, Brianna Williams and Hayley Respress

Tissue Transglutaminase-2 Modifies Fibrin(ogen) Stimulated Macrophage Cytokine Expression, Jazmin Johnson

Too much of a good thing? Differential gene expression in Escherichia coli associated with the evolution of resistance to heavy metals, Adiya Moore

Understanding the mechanism of silver resistance in Escherichia coli by evaluating mutations in CusS, Aaron Phillips

Understanding the mechanism of silver resistance in Escherichia coli by evaluating mutations in CusS, Aaron Phillips

Visualizing Optimal Fuel Strategies under Uncertainty, Sheldon Smith

Submissions from 2018


2018 Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry Symposium Book of Abstracts, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Antibacterial Activity of a New Silver-Based Antimicrobial Spray, Paris Parsons

Antioxidant Activity of Mango (mangifera indica) Kernel Extract, Courtney Richard

Assessing the Impact of Media on Antibiotic, Maria Ford

Can Personality Impact the Management of Networks, Kyle Barrentine

CRISPR-Cas9-Mediated Knockout of Histone Demethylase KDM6A in Pancreatic Cancer, Lexis Deshazor-Burnett

Data Structuring in Alzheimer's, Jemari Johnson

Deciphering the Mechanisms of Silver Resistance in Escherichia Coli, Alexys Riddick