Below you will find research papers and other works from the faculty of North Carolina A&T State University.


Submissions from 2022


Counselors’ Perspectives on Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Children, Michael Brooks

Leadership Roles and Initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Anesthesiology Departments, Michael Brooks


Positive Changes Made, Full Equality Not Achieved: NC A&T State University in the UNC System and the Benefits It Received (1972-81), J. Charles Waldrup

Submissions from 2021


Perspectives on Counselor Education Collaborative Scholarship, Michael Brooks and Jeff Wolfgang

African American Parents With Children With Disabilities: Gathering Home–School Reflections, Nicole Dobbins

Pathways to Institutional Transformation at HBCUS: Recommendations from HBCU Black Women STEM Faculty, Karen T. Jackson

The Influence of Gender, Income, and Religious Beliefs on Life Satisfaction through Affect and Stress in Families with and without Mental Illness, Tae-Hee Kim

Discrimination, Social Connectedness, and Future Anxiety of the First-Generation Korean Americans, Tae-Hee Kim and Michael Brooks


Pittsburgh, The Realest City: Shit Talk’n, Storytell’n, Social Liv’n, Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho

Content Literacy PD: Middle Grades Language Arts Teachers Perceptions, Nichole L. Smith and Brian K. Williams

Submissions from 2020

Embracing Diversity and Inclusive Mentoring Practices for Leadership Development, Geleana D. Alston

Where Are We Headed? Future Directions for Mentoring, Learning, and Leadership, Geleana D. Alston

Historically Black Colleges and Universities Supporting Veterans and Servicemembers: Insights From the Past in Preparation For the Future, Geleana D. Alston and Shon D. Smith


A Manifesto: Black Identity, Protest, and Art, Awendela Grantham


Whistleblower 211: A Study Guide for African American History Exams, Awendela Grantham

Developing Culturally and Structurally Responsive Approaches to STEM Education to Advance Education Equity., Karen T. Jackson

Ethnicity, Life Satisfaction, Stress, Familiarity, and Stigma towards Mental Health, Tae-Hee Kim


An Exploration of the Perceptions of Institutional Advancement Leaders on Their Role in the Survival of Private HBCUs: A Qualitative Study, Comfort O. Okpala

Family Literacy Engagement: Parents’ Perceptions of Their Home Learning Practices, Nichole L. Smith

Effects of an Advanced Driver Training Program on Young Traffic Offenders’ Subsequent Crash Experience, Yudan C. Wang

The Effect of Extending Graduated Driver Licensing to Older Novice Drivers in Indiana, Yudan C. Wang


Teachers' Psychological Distress in North Carolina: An Analysis of Urban Versus Non-Urban School Districts, Brian K. Williams


"That's the Point of Going": A Qualitative Inquiry into the Experiences of Black Males at an Early College High School, Brian K. Williams

Submissions from 2019

Adult Learning and Inclusive Feminism: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Social Justice and Political Activism, Geleana D. Alston


The Value and Impact of a Brief Study Abroad Experience on Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Counseling Students' Learning, Michael Brooks, Jeff Wolfgang, and Shirlene Smith

Trust, Training, and a Strategic Plan: Assessment at an HBCU, Steven M. Culver

A Revisited Inquiry: A Survey of the Members of the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (ARCA), Paige Dunlap


TROPES: Church Politics & Its Impact on the Black Female Identity, Awendela Grantham


Humility, Forgiveness, and Love - The Heart of Ethical Stewardship, Comfort O. Okpala

Tone Begins at the Top: Broadening Participation in STEM Higher Education, Comfort O. Okpala

A Comparison of the ECERS-R and ECERS-3: Different Aspects of Quality?, Yudan C. Wang


“Get Off My Property”: A Personal Narrative Addressing Violence Against African Americans by Law Enforcement Post–Hurricane Katrina, Tyra N. Whittaker

Black Girl Lost: Mediated Experiences of Adolescent Black Females' Academic Self-Concept, Nakeshia N. Williams


An Examination of Cross-Cultural Experiences on Developing Culturally Responsive Teacher Candidates, Nakeshia N. Williams, Brian K. Williams, and Tyrette S. Carter

Submissions from 2018

Examining the Cultural Wealth of Underrepresented Minority Engineering Persisters, Monica E. Allen

Rehabilitation Career Counseling Self-Efficacy, Caroline S. Booth


A Demonstration Model of Interagency Collaboration for Students With Disabilities: A Multilevel Approach, Kimberly R. Bunch-Crump

CIRCLES: Building an Interagency Network for Transition Planning, Kimberly R. Bunch-Crump

According to Faculty, the Most Important Reasons for Doing Assessment at an HBCU, Steven M. Culver

Aligning Assessment Processes at a Research Institution: Striving Toward Institutional Efffectiveness and Efficiency, Steven M. Culver

Impacts of Experiencing Social Injustice on Infusing of Social Justice in Rehabilitation Counselor Education Curriculum, Glacia Ethridge


Exploring the Opportunities of Minority Senior Executive U.S. Federal Government Agency Leaders: A Qualitative Analysis, Crystal Gathers-Whatley


Community Engagement: Using Feedback Loops to Empower Residents and Influence Systemic Change in Culturally Diverse Communities, Karen T. Jackson


More Than a Comedian: Exploring Cybermourning and Parasocial Relationships the Night Hollywood Star Robin Williams Died, Kim Smith

The Black Panther Effect: Movie Ups Aggie Swag, Kim Smith


Exploring Screen Time Habits and the Life Empowerment Divide at an HBCU, Kim Smith, Tobin Walton, and Alvin Keyes


Exploring Screen Time Habits and the Life Empowerment Divide at an HBCU, Kim Smith, Tobin Walton, and Alvin Keyes

Using Literacy Strategies with Middle School ELL Students to Improve Their Literacy Skills, Nichole L. Smith

Submissions from 2017

Creating a Healthy Classroom in Multicultural Counseling Courses, Geleana D. Alston

Ready for the Professoriate? The Influence of Mentoring on Career Development for Black Male Graduate Students in STEM, Geleana D. Alston


Service Learning as Inquiry in an Undergraduate Science Course, Kelsie M. Bernot, Amy E. Kulesza, and Judith S. Ridgway


Integration of Sex and Sexuality into Counseling Programs, Caroline S. Booth


An Investigation of Multitiered Behavioral Interventions on Disruptive Behavior and Academic Engagement of Elementary Students, Kimberly R. Bunch-Crump

Career Counseling in Middle Schools: A Study of School Counselor Self-Efficacy, Steven M. Culver

Formative Feedback to Degree Programs: The Glass House of the Assessment Office, Steven M. Culver

Vocational Evaluation of Hispanics: Implications for Rehabilitation Counseling Professionals, Paige Dunlap

Undergraduate Student Attitudes toward Disabled Persons and Influence on Disability Sport Volunteerism, Gloria H. Elliott

Doing the Research that Informs Practice: A Retrospective View of One Group's Attempt to Study The Teaching and Learning of Organic Chemistry, Robert Ferguson


Educators Voices from Integrated Writing and Problem Solving Common Core Workshop, Karen T. Jackson


Challenges And Rewards Of Private Practice: An Exploratory Study Of African American Speech-Language Pathologists, Deana Lacy McQuitty

Exploring Community College Students' Transfer Experiences and Perceptions and What They Believe Administration Can Do to Improve Their Experiences, Comfort O. Okpala

Factors that Impact Health Career Decisions of Second Generation Nigerian Students, Comfort O. Okpala


How Are We Developing Student Leaders? A Qualitative Examination of a Peer-to-Peer Program at a Historically Black University, Comfort O. Okpala

Index of Economic Freedom, Religion, and Female Literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa, Comfort O. Okpala


Voices of African American Women Leaders on Factors that Impact their Career Advancement in North Carolina Community Colleges, Comfort O. Okpala


Black Activist Mothering: Teach Me About What Teaches You, Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho-

Engaging Students Through a Summer Literacy Experience, Nichole L. Smith

Teacher Work Environments are Toddler Learning Environments: Teacher Professional Well-being, Classroom Emotional Support, and Toddlers' Emotional Expressions and Behaviours, Yudan C. Wang

Changes in Teachers Discourse About Students in a Professional Development on Learning Trajectories, Jared Neil Webb

Predictors of Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation Treatment Compliance Among African Americans with Chronic Pain Conditions Served by a State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency: An Exploratory Study, Tyra N. Whittaker


It’s Not Hard Work; It’s Heart Work: Strategies of Effective, Award-Winning Culturally Responsive Teachers, Nakeshia N. Williams


Highlighting the Challenges When Conducting Cross-National Studies: Use of Transcultural Theory, Jeff D. Wolfgang

Submissions from 2016

The Relevance of Critical Race Theory: Impact on Students of Color, Monica E. Allen

Adult Education and an African American History Museum, Geleana D. Alston

Reflections from Graduate Adult Learners About Service Learning, Geleana D. Alston

Enhancing Undergraduate Students’ Learning and Research Experiences through Hands on Experiments on Bio-nanoengineering, Caroline S. Booth

Supports and Barriers to Employment for Disabled and Nondisabled Rural Residents, Caroline S. Booth

Hands Up: Police Shooting of Young Black Males: Implications for Social Work and Human Services, Michael Brooks

Is There a Problem Officer? Exploring the Lived Experience of Black Men and Their Relationship with Law Enforcement, Michael Brooks


The Invisible Client: Ramifications of Neglecting the Impact of Race and Culture in Professional Counseling, Michael Brooks

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy: An Interview with Scott Woolley, PhD., Shea Michelle Dunham


Assessing Probation Officers’ Knowledge of Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities: A Pilot Study, Paige Dunlap

Measuring High School Students' Communication Readiness: Does Communication Apprehension, Writing Ability, and Speaking Ability Correlate with Students' Perceptions of Professional Appearance?, Sharon M. Hunter

Special Education Disproportionality: A Review of Responses to Intervention and Culturally Relvant Pedagogy, Cathy D. Kea

Early Experiences with Computer Supported Collaborative Dialogue for a 2nd Semester Java Class, Tae-Hee Kim

Shifts in Trajectories in Thought Communities and “Wobbly” Identities Enacted in Computer-Mediated Classroom Discussions, Tae-Hee Kim


Understanding Depression, Anxiety, and Perceptions of Family and Counseling Among Korean American Adolescents: A Pilot Study, Tae-Hee Kim


The Experiences of African-American Males in Academic Leadership Positions at Public Predominantly White Institutions in North Carolina, Comfort O. Okpala


THE A&T Register Newspaper From 1915-2015, Kim Smith and Emily Harris


Mechanobiology of Antimicrobial Resistant Escherichia coli and Listeria innocua, Mehrdad Tajkarimi, Scott H. Harrison, Albert M. Hung, and Joseph L. Graves Jr.

Assessing the Reliability and Validity of the Survey Measures of Guan, Jiao, and Xiao: Beyond Wang and Supple (2010), Yudan C. Wang


Links Between Preschool Children's Social Skills and Observed Pretend Play in Outdoor Childcare Environments, Yudan C. Wang


Preschool Teachers' Financial Well-Being and Work Time Supports: Associations with Children's Emotional Expressions and Behaviors in Classrooms, Yudan C. Wang


Translating Learning Trajectories Into Useable Tools for Teachers, Jared Neil Webb

Creating Social Podcasts: Introducing Teacher Candidates to Critical Media Literacy, Nakeshia N. Williams

Tweeting as Civic Agency: What is the Role of Social Media in Elementary Education Classrooms?, Nakeshia N. Williams


Promoting Academic Socialization Through Service Learning Experiences., Jeff D. Wolfgang

Submissions from 2015

Efforts to transform learning and learners: The first decade of an innovative doctoral program in educational leadership., Geleana D. Alston


Cultural Beliefs and Disability: Implications for Rehabilitation Counsellors, Quintin Boston, Paige N. Dunlap, Glacia Ethridge, Anger Dowden, and Myshalae J. Euring


Multicultural Training in CACREP Counselor Education Programs: A Survey, Michael Brooks