Submissions from 2020


A Manifesto: Black Identity, Protest, and Art, Awendela Grantham

Submissions from 2018


More Than a Comedian: Exploring Cybermourning and Parasocial Relationships the Night Hollywood Star Robin Williams Died, Kim Smith

The Black Panther Effect: Movie Ups Aggie Swag, Kim Smith

Submissions from 2017


Service Learning as Inquiry in an Undergraduate Science Course, Kelsie M. Bernot, Amy E. Kulesza, and Judith S. Ridgway

Submissions from 2016


THE A&T REGISTER NEWSPAPER FROM 1915-2015, Kim Smith and Emily Harris


Mechanobiology of Antimicrobial Resistant Escherichia coli and Listeria innocua, Mehrdad Tajkarimi, Scott H. Harrison, Albert M. Hung, and Joseph L. Graves Jr.

Submissions from 2015


Cybermourning Frames and Collective Memory: Remembering Comedian Robin Williams on, Ken Campbell and Kim Smith


Rapid Evolution of Silver Nanoparticle Resistance in Escherichia Coli, Joseph L. Graves Jr., Mehrdad Tajkarimi, Quincy Cunningham, Adero Campbell, Herve Nonga, Scott H. Harrison, and Jeffrey E. Barrick

Submissions from 2014


Relationship Between Depressive Symptoms and Cognition in Older, Non-demented African Americans, Jamie L. Hamilton, Adam M. Brickman, Rosalyn Lang, Goldie S. Byrd, Jonathan L. Haines, Margaret A. Pericak-Vance, and Jennifer J. Manly

Submissions from 2013


We Know What to Do - Why so Little Change?, Scott Simkins

Submissions from 2012


Charting the future of journalism education at HBCUS: Finding a place for multimedia in the curricula, Kim Smith

Submissions from 2011

Book Review: Unearthing Promise and Potential: Our Nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Judy Rashid


Making the Connection: Conflict Resolution Education, Learning Outcomes Assessment, and Student Conduct, Judy Rashid


Anxiety, Knowledge and Help: A Model for How Black and White College Students Search For HIV/AIDS Information on the Internet, Kim Smith

Submissions from 2009

Administration of Mushroom Extract to Broiler, W. L. Willis, K. King, O. S. Iskhuemhen, and S. A. Ibrahim

Submissions from 2007

Cross-Regional Trade, Sarita D. Jackson